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Who we are

In Dignetik we are a group of professionals from social, educational, cultural, social care and the world of business areas. We have background and experience in developing projects aimed at promoting personal autonomy. We follow ethical reflection processes in everyday life, promoting the quality of management to go beyond. We prioritize the quality of life of people in all its dimensions.

We also work management focused on the person from the support of individual processes and from processes responsible leadership (complemència), complementarity between professional skills and team management.

We propose collaborative work tools, professional interdependence and work attitudes that make it possible.


Our skills

Ethical reflection - 99%
Good Practices - 95%
Person-focused management - 99%
Training and Education - 90%
Tools for complemència - 99%
Tools for complemència - 90%
Collaborative work - 90%

Who we are

Xavier de Caso
Managing Director

Law Degree (2002) and MBA Part Time (2008) both from ESADE.

Quico Manyós
Director of Contents

Graduated in Catalan Philology by the UB (1990) and enabled on Social Education...

Montse Boquera

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the UAB (1978). Specialist in pediatrics...

Sonia Díaz Casado

Sociologist and Master in Management for Social Liderage.

José Luís Buenache
Public relations

Law degree. Master in Public and Administrative Law Organitzation.

Cristian Palazzi

Doctor of Philosophy from the UB. Professor of Philosophy and Social...

Clara Manyós

Graduada en arte dramático por el Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (2016) y licenciada en Periodismo per la UAB (2012).

What people say about us

A very interesting proposal. Initiatives like that are necessary in the changing world we are living these days.

Oriol Ramis
Social Media Manager

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