We headed to society favoring generating debate and reflection.

Our experience leads us to define proposals for specialized training. We want to offer value-added items able to respond to the problems and needs of the sector and at the same time bring new elements of innovation.

Specialized training

 Ethical reflection spaces

– Make conscious ethical principles that guide daily practice.
– Work attitudes and professional virtues, to enable personal dignity.
– Develop knowledge and tools to empower people who want to be part of ethical reflection spaces in jobs with people.
– Define strategies to work practically ethical perspective in our everyday work.
– Promoting knowledge of social ethics.
– Develop processes to build the ethics of the organization.
– Promote awareness of ethics and ethics of each profession.
– Provide tools to achieve personal ethics.

 Managing emotions

– Identify how to face emotional situations of users.
– See how we limit, reduce and manage the frustration of people and equipment in situations of handling the emotional and affective reactions of people we serve.
– Provide tools to conceptualise emotions and emotional learning.
– Flesh out the main situations of difficulty.
– Work tools to make a causal analysis of difficult situations. Why are they? What the person pursues disruptive behavior?
– Encourage the use of strategies for working predictability situations that allow us to anticipate the conflict.
– Provide emotional management strategies that promote renewal.
– Publicize successful development strategies.

 Training in good practices

The ‘Good Practice’ is that behavior that introduces improvements in processes and activities: improvements aimed at producing positive results on the quality of life of people.

– Development of protocolised procedures. The methodology of certification seal Dignetik compleméncia intends to carry out some actions consist of good practice to implement.

– Tools for practical implementation from the starting point self-assessment, development of an implementation project design and evaluation based on indicators defined in Dignetik model.

 Person-focused management

Management involves person-focused work related to personalized treatment in the management of privacy in the daily lives of people tools.
However, we must work organization centered on the person.
We promote training processes aimed at management work focused on the person from transdisciplinarity.

· Rethinking business hours
· Manage the spaces from accessibility
· Rethinking the language to make it understandable
· Approaching the reality of people


– Define tools to develop and create strategies stimulation from activities of daily life.
– Create resources from abilities, skills and potential of the individual.
– Create resources from the environment as a source of stimulation. The environment as a tool for stimulation.
– Define tools to create custom materials in the environment itself.
– Define dynamics of creative thinking.
– Propose creative projects from own environment elements accompanying people.
– Develop own materials for each facility or unit.

 Privacy management

– Analyze situations that occur in the services, which are not working the right to personal privacy, recognizing the specific situations, defining causes and issues that generate them.
– Develop specific responses and strategies to implement best practices to respect the right to privacy from the training on the respect for privacy as a right.
– Encourage actions to work privacy in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and information.
– Provide reference recognized practices to make learning from them.

Consulting and advice

We develop consulting, advisory and support services and institutions, to empower teams to design and implement management processes centered on the individual as well as the implementation of strategic plans.b

– Develop self-assessment tools adapted to each reality of service or company.
– We provide strategic developments since the methodology of causal analysis.
– We identify actions that do well today. For we do. We bring in the quality of our service.
 We analyze difficulties we encountered in the implementation (either structural or personal).
– We make an analysis of the skills and attitudes in everyday work.
– Develop plans for improvement in planning quality of life from the principles of ethics and size of the person.
– Establish indicators of achievement.
– Define dynamic tracking actions.

– We advise on:

· Mission vision and values
· Definition of basic services and optional
· Professional functions
· Organizational structure
· System protocols and records
· Internal communication plans
· Programs
· Dashboards
· Measures for continuous improvement

– Specialized advice in training lines:

· Spaces for reflection
· Good practices
· Management Person Centered

Audit and Certification of B.B.P.P.

DIGNETIK Complemència

It is the certification of ways of working and ensure the quality of life of people we serve through our daily work.
– It is based on three pillars

· Normative
· Theory
· Success Stories

– It is based on five blocks of work. Each block contains five basic good work practices that ensure quality person-focused.
         · Excellence in the deal.
         · Privacy and Confidentiality.
         · Ethical criteria development.
         · Participation of the agents involved (individual, family and social environment, professional).
         · Organization responsible.

– Every Good practice is defined in:
         · Development actions
         · Development indicators and impact
         · Compliance Standards
         · Definition of priorities

– They are based from the ethical principles and from the dimensions of quality of life.

– They are certifiable


Interactive workshops

Complemència 500mg

Training pills for cooperative teamwork.

What is complemència 500mg?

Training to work problems teamwork, coated dynamics that allow you to activate the active principle of coherence pills.

Before taking 500mg complemència?

Diagnosis of symptoms operating team.

How to manage complemència 500mg?

Dynamic management proposals to develop high performance from a relational perspective recreational activating the attitudes of members of the teams own tools.

Show results and improvements from the complemència 500mg?

Definition of possible achievements that can work from this perspective.

Monitoring processes 500mg complemència

Monitoring guidelines.